Drawing inspiration from aerial views of cities and maps, James Fowler's acrylic, oil and gouache works on canvas, paper, and wood are playfully geometric and resonate with the digital world, and culture of online information distribution. His non-traditional landscape paintings borrow from cartography and geometric abstraction, and celebrate both urban centres and rural living. He attended York University in Toronto for Film Studies and maintains a full time studio practice as a painter in Toronto.   His work has exhibited in Canada and United States, and his work can be found in private and corporate collections in Canada, US and Europe.

CV available upon request.

Artist Statement

Canadian art has a long history of landscape painting. While many Canadian Artists have historically submitted that the spirit of Canadian art lies in the land, there have been many Artists, particularly in Quebec, who contend that the spirit of painting is in the mind of the Artist and in the culture of the people, which gives birth to Canadian abstract painting. My art has been respectful of both traditions and is an attempt to unite two historic models. In creating these paintings I hope to evoke the same lively feelings one gets when flying into a new big city for the first time, when we try to take everything in, or the lasting impressions stored in our memories of traveling anywhere far from home.